Monday, August 12, 2013

Lebara TV Unboxing

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ink and Brush

I did not know that alcohol markers are not supposed to be used in imperial sheets. Apparently they should be used in really thin papers (like less than 80 GSM). The imperial sheets kind of sucked all the ink in few sketches :-( no worries, I have friends to help me refill it :-) Thanks to Vidhi again. But meanwhile I was little restless and thought of trying water colors. Using water color for portraits was easier than markers or pencils. It was fast and effective. More than all, I loved the feel of it..

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Pen and Marker

Tried my hands on sketching portraits using black pen and alcohol marker. Thanks to Xavier for leading me to buy those amazing black pens and also thanks a ton to Vidhi for giving some cool tips on how to use those markers. These are the first few sketches using Pen and Marker.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who is the author of C?

Inspired by Ramu

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Teaching light painting to my niece

Taught Light Painting to my 11 years old niece yesterday. Was an amazing experience. She has no idea about photography so I have to draw analogy between eyes, memory, painting, writing etc to make her understand how a camera works. And explaining concepts like shutter speed and focal length etc were quite challenging. To my surprise she learned it very quickly.

After teaching any concept, she will ask me to click a pic with those settings. She learned it by seeing it working. Was interesting to observe. Remembered how we struggled in NID to learn the same concept with loads of explanations and ray diagrams :-)

These are few light paintings painted during the session.

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Monday, November 15, 2010


Was cleaning some old stuffs and came across these old floppy disks, CDs and HDDs.. I have a special attachment with these stuffs. I still couldn forget the day I bought my first CD. Its a Office 2000 disk. I used to literally sit and count how many floppy disks I have to stack to compensate the data capacity of one CD. Later came Windows Me. Slowly CDs became a common thing. Those days, apart from softwares there was nothing to store which will occupy this much capacity. Movies / Songs were not quite common in CDs. The only files I could possibly generate were tally files, word files and html files saved from internet which all put togeather wont exceed even few 100 MBs. Then came mp3 songs. slowly my 4 GB HDD was full. Then I moved to 10 GB followed by 40 GB which stayed for a long time. My first Comp had 32 MB SD-RAM with which I could play only NFS II. My first customer gave an order for an PC with 64 MB RAM. Whoa! It was a day for gaming. NFS III requies a minimum of 64 MB RAM. So played NFS III for one full day. Today we have 4 GB RAMs but still I see my friends complaining "System is too slow, I think we should upgarde the RAM".

The first boot disk I created.

First CD bought for Rs. 500.

Now its all crap ! :-( (and is getting thrown away)

I have seen the shift of technology from wordstar (WS) to microsoft word. DOS to Windows 95 - cursor with program manager. Dave to Wolf 3d, Quake 3d, etc... LOGO, GWBasic, Foxpro to C, C++, VB, Java, Oracle. Lotus123 to Microsoft Excel. B/W CRT serial monitor to 14" Colour CRT monitor to 21" TFT Flat monitor. 16 MB RAM to 4 GB RAM. 300 MB HDD to 1 TB HDD.

But still I am preserving few memorable things.

Cannot forget the days without Google, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin, YouTube, Torrents, IRCTC, CD, DVD, Blue Ray, mp4, divX, USB port, Pen Drive, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Photoshop (to my access), DSL connection and the list goes on...

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